U-KISS Dong Ho Injures Tailbone with Upcoming Japanese Debut

2011-11-24 09:02:29 2014-05-05 18:16:35

There has been yet another idol injury (Kara’s Gyuri’s vocal nodules, After School’s Joo Yeon’s kidney inflammation, Secret’s Hyo Sung’s fractured legs). Add U-KISS member Dong Ho to the list as he injured his tailbone, putting a damper on the group’s Japanese debut. 

On November 21, Dong Ho was doing an action scene while shooting for a film and had sudden pains in his back area. He immediately went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a fractured tailbone.

After the diagnosis, Dong Ho went into immediate treatment but because of the pain around his injury, he has had a hard time resuming activities. Especially with the group’s Japanese debut approaching next month, their management, NH Media, is searching for the best way to lessen any possibilities for impediments.

Before their official debut, U-KISS started promotions by holding a sold-out fan meeting. They have been receiving a lot of interest and love so the management is putting even greater efforts to alleviate Dong Ho’s situation so the team can resume normal activities together.

U-KISS, who have signed a contract with one of Japan’s largest entertainment agencies, Avex, will debut in Japan in January 14 with their album “Tick Tack.”