BoA and Shin Se Kyung’s Closeness Revealed

2011-11-27 12:35:49 2011-11-27 04:35:50

Singer BoA (age 25) and actress Shin Se Kyung’s (age 21) closeness was revealed through their affectionate conversation through Twitter. 

On November 25, Shin Se Kyung posted a cute picture on her Twitter. To that BoA replied, “Se Kyung, you’re so cute~~ hehe” and cheered her on. Then Shin Se Kyung replied, “Unni! Where are you right now?” BoA replied, “I’m inside your heart… haha I’m kidding – I’m going to Japan~~ Is your drama shooting going well?! Let’s try to see each other more often next year.” Then Shin Se Kyung replied, “Oh… I thought you were in America… so I sent you a happy birthday message to your American phone number T_T But have a safe trip. And stay healthy!”

It is clear that the top artist and popular actress have a great friendship despite their age difference. Therefore, fans on both sides are cheering for their close friendship. 

In other news, on December 7, BoA will be releasing a DVD single called “Milestone“, marking her 10th anniversary of her Japanese debut. She will also be holding a 10th anniversary and Christmas celebratory solo concert on December 10. Also, BoA, along with Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin Young will appear as judges in “Survival Audition K-Pop Star,” which will air in the middle of December. Shin Se Kyung is currently portraying the role of Soyi in the drama, “Tree With Deep Roots.