Who Wore It Best: Lee Hyori vs. Son Dam Bi vs. Kim Min Hee vs. Yoo In Na

2011-12-05 05:10:19 2014-05-07 03:16:58

Korea’s fashionistas Lee HyoriSon Dam Bi, Kim Min Hee, and Yoo In Na wore the same dress! A picture was recently uploaded on an online community website with the title: “Lee Hyori vs. Kim Min Hee vs. Yoo In Na vs. Son Dam Bi.” Lee Hyori was the first one to attract interest with the dress. She wore the white tube top dress on the “2011 MBC University Festival” which was held on November 24.

The off the shoulder dress emphasizes sexiness by revealing the chest bone area. The unbalanced skirt portion also focuses attention on their legs. The backside is especially revealing as it is low cut.

Lee Hyori was not the only one who wore this dress. Son Dam Bi was also spotted wearing it for a Pledis Entertainment photo shoot while Kim Min Hee was seen with it for “First Look” photo shoot and Yoo In Na for “2011 Busan International Film Festival.”

The four female stars each flaunted the dress with their own various charms. Netizens responded: “I can feel Lee Hyori’s influence. Everyone remembers it as Lee Hyori’s dress,” “Kim Min Hee looks the prettiest in my eyes,” and “I am a woman and I think all of them are attractive. I am angry!”

So what do you think? Who do you think wore it best, Lee Hyori, Kim Min Hee, Son Dam Bi, or Yoo In Na? Let us know!