Court Orders Lee Hyori to Pay Up $190,000

2011-12-06 16:47:25 2014-05-07 18:01:26

The court ordered Lee Hyori to pay up $190,000 (Approximate Amount) as compensation for damages to Interpark on December 6. Interpark had sued Lee Hyori’s agency stating that they had lost money due to Lee Hyori’s plagiarism controversy.

In 2009, Interpark had a modeling contract with Lee Hyori on August 15. They paid Lee Hyori $700,000, however in June of 2010, Lee Hyori was involved in plagiarism controversy and had to cease being a model.

Interpark had sued Lee Hyori for $490,000 stating, “We had originally hired her as a model because of her healthy and bright image. However, the moment that the controversy broke out, that image was destroyed and we cannot determine the amount of economic damages we had to incur.”

Although the lawsuit is big news, it seems miniscule to the recent news of her relationship with Lee Sang Soon. The two are dating, but they are stating that they are not “lovers” yet because of pressure for marriage etc.

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