Wonder Girls’ Hyelim Suffered Low Self-Esteem after Joining Group

2011-12-15 07:25:24 2014-05-09 03:13:47

On last night’s episode of KBS’s “Star Life Theater,” Wonder Girls’ newest member Hyelim revealed the hardships she faced while adjusting to her new group. Hyelim joined the Wonder Girls in 2010 after Sunmi left the group.  During the documentary, Hyelim opened up about the pressure she felt joining the group late.

She confessed, “Wonder Girls had already gained tremendous recognition in Korea. I felt stressed about joining such a popular group.” She added, “It took me over a year to finally acknowledge myself as part of the Wonder Girls.”

Hyelim also told viewers that she suffered from low self-esteem, believing fans didn’t truly accept her as Wonder Girls. Hyelim continued, “Truthfully, I wasn’t comfortable before. During fan events, I used to think people didn’t want my autographs but got them simply because I was there, and they had to.”

Since her trainee days, Hyelim has kept a diary to help her get through tough times. Hyelim’s mother shared the diary, saying, “Hyelim seems a lot more at-ease now – on-stage and in-person. She’s finally starting to enjoy performing. She used to be so stiff before, but she looks much more relaxed and happy.”

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