Over 2,000 Fans Show Up for T-ara’s Taiwanese Fan Signing

2011-12-17 06:15:59 2011-12-16 22:16:00

T-ara is certainly leading a busier year than most groups, having had back to back comebacks all year long. Recently, right in the middle of their “Cry Cry” promotions, the girls took off to Taiwan to visit their fans for a “Tony Moly” fan meet, the cosmetics brand they’re models for. 

Over 500 fans were reported to have flooded the airport upon the girls’ arrival, and the trend continued on to the scene of the fan signing, where over 2,000 showed up three to four hours before the fan meet was to even begin. The two hour long fan meet was held in one of the busiest streets in Taiwan – the Ximending. 

The competition to get coverage of the event was also fierce, with news outlets like China News and Set TV present at the scene.

Touched with the effort of their fans, T-ara responded to their warm love by greeting everyone with their gazes and hearts, which undoubtedly earned an enthusiastic response from their fans. 

Park Jaebum, the marketing team director of “Tony Moly,” said, “Taiwanese fans have been showing undeniable love, so we wanted to repay some of that through opening a fan signing event. In the future, ‘Tony Moly’ will work to bring surprise events to not only Korea, but other locations in Asia as well.” 

T-ara is currently simultaenously promoting in Korea and Japan while preparing for their January comeback with “Lovey Dovey.”