Secret Releases 2012 Calendar Package

2011-12-18 15:20:57 2011-12-18 07:20:58

Popular girl group, Secret has released a 2012 calendar package, which is filled with pictures that show off their special charm. 

Hyosung, Sunhwa, Jieun and Zinger each show off a variety of pictures that exhibit a fresh, new image. Along with a calendar, there is also a diary, stickers, postcards and notepads in the package. 

Sources from Loen Entertainment said, “Secret has been solidified as a national girl group this year with three major hits, ‘Shy Boy,’ ‘Starlight Moonlight,’ and ‘Love Is Move.’ We made these calendar packages with hopes of 2012 being a good year for Secret.”

Along with Secret, Loen Entertainment also produced calendars featuring IU, 2AM, Infinite, After School, Teen Top and other top artists. This will certainly give fans a wide range of artists to chose from. 

Meanwhile, Hyosung is still in a cast and as soon as she fully recovers, she will join the rest of the three members for their year-end awards ceremony activities.