G.NA’s Grandfather Passes Away

2011-12-20 07:36:08 2011-12-19 23:36:09

G.NA’s grandfather passed away on December 20. It was made public after G.NA tweeted the tragic news.

“Today (12/20) my grandfather has passed away. He was like a father figure to me since I was a little kid. I couldn’t see him one last time because he lived in Canada. This can’t be true,” she wrote.

All my prayers & love goes out to my grandpa.. RIP ♥ i love you so much.. With all my heart & soul..i’m so sorry i’m not there with u..” she added. “I think the toughest thing is to go to my next schedule (event) with this feeling. But I’m going to do my best till the end. Let’s not lose it Choi Gina.”

According to her agency people, G.NA learned about her grandfather’s death earlier today. She’s known to be close to her grandparents as she lost her father when she was young, and her grandparents brought her up in Canada. G.NA was planning to fly to Canada right away, but considering the fact that her late grandfather was a former Korean army soldier, and will be buried in the National Cemetery soon, she decided to stay. The exact reason for his death is unknown at this point.

Meanwhile, netizens have been sending words of condolences to G.NA through her Twitter account here.