Lee Min Jung Bruised Her Wrist Slapping Lee Kwang Soo?!

2011-12-20 21:07:21 2011-12-20 13:07:21

Earlier today, Lee Min Jung along with co-actors Lee Jung Jin and Lee Kwang Soo attended the press conference for rom-com “Wonderful Radio” in Dongdaemun, Seoul. Lee Min Jung plays Shin Jin Ah, a washed-up idol singer who turns into a radio DJ, while Lee Jung Jin and Lee Kwang Soo play radio producer/Jin Ah’s love interest Lee Jae Hyuk and her manager Cha Dae Geun respectively.  The plot revolves around Jin Ah and Jae Hyuk as they bicker and work together to revive their radio show that is on the verge of getting canceled. 

As her manager, Dae Geun is constantly harassed by Jin Ah – both verbally and physically. As such, there were plenty of scenes where Min Jung slapped and hit Kwang Soo. During the press conference, Kwang Soo revealed, “Lee Min Jung noona would slap me hard. Some weren’t as painful after the initial contact, but others continued to sting even after a while…Really thank you for that…” Lee Min Jung added, “I put so much effort and energy into slapping him, I ended up bruising my wrist,” to which Kwang Soo quickly added, “I was in much more pain.” The actress bashfully smiled as she quickly apologized.

“Wonderful Radio” will premiere in theaters nationwide this coming January. 


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