SM Entertainment Releases Countdown Teaser for New Boy Group Debut

2011-12-22 00:49:42 2011-12-21 16:49:43

Fans need not wait much longer, as SM Entertainment has finally begun the much-anticipated countdown to their TWO new boy groups!

SM Entertainment updated their official homepage on December 22 with a countdown teaser featuring a unique logo in a separate pop-up window. Titled “FROM. EXO PLANET,” the teaser doesn’t show much other than the countdown to 24 hours and a galaxy in the backdrop. Fans have been waiting all year for this to begin, so the countdown to 24 hours might seem longer than it actually is. 

“The two new rookie groups that will be released by SM will debut at the same day, same time, and same song in both Korea and Japan. They’ll be showing a promotional style unprecedented by any group. It’s a new challenge that we’re sure will be enough to gain attention from our global fans,” officials of SM Entertainment said. 

Be sure to check back with Soompi to see just what is revealed at the end of the countdown!