“Padam Padam’s” Kim Bum Sends Fans Christmas Greetings

2011-12-23 18:28:22 2011-12-23 10:28:23

Earlier today, Kim Bum delighted his fans by uploading an adorable set of Christmas selcas. He wrote, “Merry Christmas everyone! As for me, I’ll be filming ‘Padam Padam’ today and tomorrow..haha. Hope you have a happy time celebrating. And don’t forget ‘Padam Padam” every Mondays at 8:45PM!” 

In the photos, Kim Bum shows off his Christmas spirit by wearing Rudolf headbands and Santa’s hat. 

Netizens who’ve seen the photos commented, “Gooksu isn’t an angel but Rudolf!” “Kim Bum’s v-line is getting more and more pronounced. He’s so skinny now!” and “Santa must be lucky to have a Rudolf like him around.”

Meanwhile, Kim Bum plays Gooksu, Kangchil’s (Jung Woo Sung) guardian angel, in the fantasy drama “Padam Padam” on jTBC. Check out Soompi’s recaps of the drama here!