Won Bin Caught with a Date at a Club?

2011-12-23 00:09:19 2011-12-22 16:09:19

Actor Won Bin has been captured in a picture, which shows him at a club with a woman. 

On December 20 a picture titled “Won Bin at a club with hot-pink-bling-woman” was posted and caught the attention of many. 

Sporting a black and grey color scheme with his clothes, Won Bin is showing off his charm with a smooth facial expression.

Beside the handsome actor is a woman wearing a fancy hot pink sequined shirt, grabbing the jealous attention of netizens. Won Bin is holding a bottle of beer and seems to be in friendly company. 

Netizens have responded to the picture in various ways: “Won Bin’s appearance is brighter than the club lights,” “I envy the girl beside him,” “I want to be the beer bottle he’s holding.” 

But fans, rest assure! It was revealed that the picture was from an advertisement shoot that Won Bin was a part of for a beer brand.