Danny and Son Ho Young to Host Kim Tae Woo’s Wedding

2011-12-26 19:36:08 2011-12-26 11:36:08

g.o.d members Danny Ahn and Son Ho Young have been confirmed to emcee and host Kim Tae Woo‘s wedding on December 26. 

According to a representative from Kim Tae Woo’s management over a telephone call with TVReport, “Today’s wedding will be hosted by both Danny and Son Ho Young. They will take turns, and there is nothing confirmed in terms of congratulatory performances. After the wedding ceremony there is a part three of the event planned especially for special performances.” 

Danny has been filming for JTBC’s morning drama “When a Girl Puts on Makeup Twice” since November 22, and previously stated that “Kim Tae Woo has not requested me to emcee or hold a performance, but I feel that the invitation will come soon.” 

As anticipated the fellow g.o.d members were confirmed to host Kim Tae Woo’s special day. Kim Tae Woo recently revealed wedding pictures, and revealing for the first time his wife through his Twitter 15 hours before the wedding. 

Kim Tae Woo’s wedding is to be held on December 26 6PM at Seoul’s Sheraton Walker Hotel.