EXO Teaser Truck Travels Throughout Seoul

2011-12-26 03:15:22 2011-12-25 19:15:23

SM Entertainment continued their promotions for their new group EXO during the holidays! On December 22 a unique logo appeared on the official homepage with the title “FROM. EXO PLANET.” Then after the countdown was over a teaser was shown revealing one member named Kai.

During Christmas an “EXO Truck” travelled throughout Seoul. SM Entertainment stated, “The EXO Truck has been travelling around all the hot spots: Kangnam, Myeongdong, Shinchon, and Hongdae. The truck that travelled around Seoul from December 23 to 25 caught the attention of people passing by through its flashy clip.”

The clip that played was the teaser clip shown after the countdown. It is being said that Seoul citizens had a high amount of interest for the truck. A new teaser for EXO-K and EXO-M will be shown on December 27 through their official homepage.