Jo In Sung Responds to "Running Man" Casting Rumors

2011-12-27 11:55:08 2014-04-17 22:26:15

A rumor that Jo In Sung is to appear on SBS “Running Man” spread like wild fire through social networking services after an individual said they witnessed Jo In Sung filming for the show. The rumor even spread to news outlets solidifying the rumor. However, Jo In Sung is resting at home. 

On December 26 a representative of Jo In Sung’s company Sidus HQ stated, “Jo In Sung has not filmed and will not film for ‘Running Man.’ He is now at home and resting. There were similar rumors spread before through social networking services; however, Jo In Sung does not have any plans to appear on variety TV for the time being.” 

On this day through Twitter and other social networks, there were rumors that Yoo Jae Suk and other Running Man members were seen filming at Yeosu for their next episode and that Jo In Sung was spotted as the guest.

The movie that Jo In Sung decided to be a part of after his discharge from the military has been delayed. He is now cautiously looking into other projects to make his comeback.