Song Joong Ki Went Unnoticed during Subway Ride

2011-12-27 04:21:35 2011-12-26 20:21:36

On December 24, actor Song Joong Ki guested on Park So Hyun’s SBS Power FM radio program, “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” where he shared some personal stories with his fans. Song Joong Ki revealed, “One time, there was a huge traffic jam, and I didn’t want to be late for a live recording. So I decided to take the subway. I disguised myself by wearing a hat and glasses, and no one recognized me. I ended up getting to work 30 minutes early.” 

Those who listened in on the program commented, “Wow, he took the public transportation because he thought he might be late to the recording. What a thoughtful celebrity.” “People probably didn’t recognize him because he face is so small,” and “Those people who got to ride with him are so lucky!”

Song Joong Ki has been busy with several projects in 2011. He recently released his rom-com “Penny-Pinching Romance” with actress Han Ye Seul and starred as the younger version of King Sejong the Great in drama “Deep Rooted Tree.” Currently, he has reunited with “Rio” co-star Park Bo Young for another movie titled “Wolf Boy.”