Jo Kwon Show Fans Bruised Up Knees

2011-12-28 06:30:56 2011-12-27 22:30:57

Behind a perfect performance, 2AM member Jo Kwon has been hiding some serious injuries. 

Early in the morning of December 26, Jo Kwon wrote on his Twitter, “Whew.. Everything is done now. I am happy that I could give such a wonderful performance as Jo-ritney Kwon-spears. But what to do with these honorable bruises… My neck and waist are also so stiff that they won’t turn.” He posted a visual of his complaints.

The picture showed his badly bruised up knees. The injuries show just how hard he worked, but fans could not help but express their concerns. 

Netizens have responded: “Kwon! What is wrong with your legs!!!?” “Please get well soon. Just how much did you practice to get like this…It is very good to see you working hard, but I cry tears for you at the same time,” “Are you okay? Please take some medicine and watch out for your health while finishing up the rest of your  activities.” 

On another note 2AM finished up their first concert, “We Ask for Christmas,” successfully on December 24 at Seoul Jamshil Students Sports Complex.