Kang Ho Dong Left Out of Major Broadcasting Stations’ Year-End Awards Nomination List

2011-12-28 03:26:24 2011-12-27 19:26:25

It seems the entertainment industry is still reeling from the shock of Kang Ho Dong’s decision to temporarily retire at the height of his career in light of the controversy surrounding his tax records. 

The winner of the 2007 SBS Daesang, 2008 MBC Daesang, 2009 KBS Daesang, and the 2010 SBS Daesang has been reportedly excluded from MBC, KBS, and SBS’s nominations for this year’s awards ceremonies. 

SBS announced on December 26 their nominations for their “2011 SBS Entertainment Daesang” and confirmed the four stars to be Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Byung Man, Lee Seung Gi, and Lee Kyung Kyu. 

This will be the first year Kang Ho Dong will be sitting out from all three broadcast networks. Most of the officials reasoned that they did not want to bring about unneeded controversy with his nomination, especially since he had announced a temporary retirement. 

Kang Ho Dong was the star of shows like “Star King,” “Strong Heart,” “Knee-Drop Guru,” and “1 Night 2 Days,” a show that won the Daesang at the “2011 KBS Entertainment Daesang.”