Korean Vegetarian Union Withdraws Complaint Against IU’s Raw Liver Eating Episode of "Hello"

2011-12-28 19:41:16 2011-12-28 11:41:16

Yesterday I wrote about IU appearing on the show “Hello” and revealing that she likes to eat raw bloody livers. She also ate a raw liver on the show. The Korean Vegetarian Union made a complaint on their homepage December 27 with the title, “KBS Needs to Make a Public Apology About the Disgusting Broadcast.”

A representative of the “Hello” show stated that they received a call in the morning because of a complaint but that was where it ended. Currently the post asking for an apology was removed from the website.

It appears that they had to remove the post because of netizens that complained against the Korean Vegetarian Union. After seeing the post, netizens stated, “KBS didn’t feed a celebrity something that she didn’t want to eat,” “This is merely different tastes in food,” “This is too forced.”

The main issue that the Korean Vegetarian Union had against the broadcasted episode featuring IU, is that they portrayed animals as merely food for humans.

What do you think about the complaint from the Korean Vegetarian Union?