Jeon Ji Hyun Confirms that She Is in a Relationship

2011-12-29 05:58:26 2014-05-05 18:15:16

Earlier today, we reported that Jeon Ji Hyun was seeing someone with marriage in mind. Initially, the CEO of her agency, Im Yeon Jung, denied their relationship, stating that he never heard her speak of him or her marriage plans.   

However, J&CO. Entertainment finally announced, “As reported in various media outlets, Jeon Ji Hyun is indeed in a relationship. Like any non-celebrity, they were friends before they developed feelings for each other.” They added, “However, the rumors about the marriage plans are not true. Because Jeon Ji Hyun’s significant other is a non-celebrity, please refrain from publishing exaggerated stories about the new couple. Please support their blossoming relationship.”

Jeon Ji Hyun’s boyfriend, Choi, is the grandson of Korea’s most well-known hanbok designer, Lee Young Hee. They were childhood friends, and they started dating early this year. It’s reported that Choi is extremely good looking and tall (apparently, he’s 185 cm (6’1) tall).

Representatives of Lee Young Hee stated, “Lee Young Hee is aware of the two dating. Jeon Ji Hyun and Choi have been childhood friends, and it is true that they are seeing each other.