SNSD’s Goddess-Like Body Proportions Were Just Illusions?

2012-01-02 02:09:58 2012-01-01 21:53:39

Recently, photos of SNSD, looking more or less human with average-looking body proportions, have gone viral in Korea, attracting netizens’ attentions. The photos titled “SNSD’s Average Appearance. The Importance of High Heels,” were taken after the SNSD’s performance at a soccer game. In the photos, the girls looked casual and comfortable in a plaid shirt, green cardigan, and rolled-up jeans. They ditched their everyday high heels for sneakers, more befitting the sporty vibe of the venue. 

However, fans noticed SNSD’s seemingly average looking, short legs. Netizens commented, “Guess SNSD can’t have it all either,” “Heels are a necessity for any girl,” “This is reality. SNSD are human too,” “It’s probably because of the camera angle,” and “Guess we’re more or less the same without the heels.”