2NE1’s Dara Faces New Year with a Fresh Start

2012-01-04 14:30:14 2012-01-04 06:30:15

2NE1’s Dara looked back at the past year and talked about her New Year resolutions on her me2day.

On December 31, Dara uploaded a picture of herself along with the caption, “New Year’s first day! 99% of the New Year messages I received on my phone said ‘I hope you date a cool guy’ or ‘I hope you’ll find great love this year~!'”

“People seem to be more worried than I am about me..^^. But if everything goes as planned in our contract, our dating ban will be removed this year! Kkyak!! Anyway everyone, have a Happy~ New Year! This year I will become extra fresher!”

She then revealed something about her fear of traveling by air: “And one more thing!!! The fear of riding a plane which was unbearable is now gone! Because we had a lot of activities overseas and we had to ride planes a lot as if it was home and suddenly~I feel comfortable!^^”

She then added, “Now, the only thing left is to get rid of my fear of men right?”

Dara has bravely overcome her fears and is facing 2012 with a bright and fearless spirit. How about you? Did you face the New Year without fear as Dara did?