BEAST and A Pink’s "Skinny Baby" MV Reaches 670,000 Views on GOM TV

2012-01-04 03:18:36 2012-01-03 19:18:37

BEAST and A Pink’s couple dance music video “Skinny Baby” reached 670,000 views on GOM TV. The music video beat IU and SNSD’s and was number two on the weekly charts last week.

“Skinny Baby” has a concept of the singers showing of their own personal styles. During the music video there is a runway where the celebrities do a walk.

BEAST show off their manly side and they are all dressed up in black and white. A Pink on the other hand goes with their lovely concept.

The highlight of the song is obviously when BEAST and A Pink do a couple dance together. Beast does a dance with their jackets while A Pink does a cute and flirty wave.

A representative of Gom TV stated, “In the New Years many are anticipating that idol groups will continue their rise. It will be interesting to watch if the two groups BEAST and A Pink will continue their rise in fame.”

During the 2011 KBS “Gayo Award Festival” BEAST received the “Song of the Year” award.