New Teaser Photo of “Dream High 2” Keeps Fans Wondering

2012-01-04 09:52:20 2012-01-04 01:52:20

KBS’s upcoming drama, “Dream High 2,” has released a new group photo of the main six cast members today. But all of the members, except for the two lead roles, Jinwoon and Kang So Ra, are facing away, leaving many fans questioning the identity of the rest of the cast.

We already know Jinwoon, Kang So Ra, Hyorin, and Park Ji Yeon will play major roles in the drama. However, the two male casts shown in the picture standing on opposite ends are still unknown, except for the fact that they will be part of the group, “Eden,” in the drama. Their tall heights (Jinwoon is 185 cm or 6’2), unique fashion style and bleached hair indicate another star in the making, yet the production team has not released any additional information regarding their profiles.

“’Dream High 2’ will not just feature actors and pop idol stars, but also some rookie celebrities. Their explosive energy will create another new star, much like Kim Soo Hyun from the original ‘Dream High.,’” a staff official told local media.

We’ll get to find out who “Eden” is at the press conference scheduled for January 17. The first episode of “Dream High 2” will air on January 30. Can you guess who they are?