SNSD Yuri and Jessica Practicing Hard for Their Acting Roles

2012-01-04 02:42:34 2012-01-03 18:42:34

What do SNSD’s Yuri and Jessica have in common? They are both a part of SNSD for sure, but they are also both acting!

Yuri will be appearing in “Fashion King,” and Jessica will appear in “Violent Romance.” Currently the two SNSD members are receiving lessons on how to breathe properly, from an acting teacher.

A representative of SM Entertainment stated, “Currently they are learning the essentials of being a new actress which are, character analysis, vocalizing, and breathing. Currently the actors/actresses that were singers before always learn the basics of acting before they start. Yuri and Jessica are trying their best so that they won’t disappoint fans.”

SNSD has finished their 3rd album activities with the end of 2012. Each member has individual activities that they will now pursue. Yuri and Jessica have decided to go all in for their acting.

Yuri’s drama “Fashion King” will broadcast in March while Jessica’s drama “Violent Romance” will broadcast in April.