WG by Wonder Girls (Cosmetic Brand) Loses Lawsuit Must Pay Back $360,000

2012-01-04 05:13:22 2012-01-03 21:13:22

(*LOL sorry about the confusion, but “WG by Wonder Girls” is the name of the cosmetics brand. They were endorsed by the actual Wonder Girls)

Back around in early 2010 you might remember that WG by Wonder Girls finally finished up their ads because of a change in their members. Well, it looks like that company is now going to have to give back nearly $360,000 of to its three investors.

Three of the cosmetics company’s investors sued WG by Wonder Girls and today on January 4, 2012 the court ruled that $120,000 be given back to each investor.

The court stated, “The cosmetics company created a contract to receive investment without any ability of giving back dividends. However, the company tricked the three investors like they could.”

WG by Wonder Girls was riddled with problems. There were problems with the design and packaging and different contracts. The investors brought a lawsuit against the company because they did not receive any of the promised profits.