Another Celebrity Accused of Plastic Surgery

2012-01-06 15:16:04 2014-05-08 21:28:25

Kwon Ri Sae, the former Miss Korea who starred in MBC “We Got Married,” is the latest victim of plastic surgery accusations. Shortly after her photos for luxury brand, Brhas Parti, was made public, fans have jumped on her changed look, speculating whether her drastic makeover is a result of going under the knife.

If you compare it with her old photos, it’s quite clear that her cheeks have gotten slimmer and her overall face has a more mature look now. Her sharper chin and bigger eyes have caused fans to wonder if it’s because of her heavy makeup or other cosmetic surgery.

But Kwon Ri Sae’s representative strongly denied the report, saying, “Because it’s a magazine photoshoot, she put on heavy makeup. They might have applied a little photoshop work too. But she never received any type of plastic surgery.”

“She’s also lost some weight, as she’s preparing for her girl group debut. The weight loss has caused her body to look slimmer overall and that probably makes her look more mature now. I think that’s where the accusations are coming from,” the representative added.

Meanwhile, Kwon Ri Sae is planning for her girl group debut sometime in the first half of this year. The group scheduled to debut under Key East Entertainment has not released much information yet.

So what do you say – did she do it or not?