Go Ara Garners Attention for Having Smoked Cessation Cigarettes

2012-01-06 05:27:20 2012-01-05 21:27:21

Actress Go Ara is garnering attention recently after she admitted that she used to smoke cessation cigarettes.

On January 4, the actress revealed that she practiced smoking for a scene in the film “Pace Maker” with cessation cigarettes for her role as Yoo Ji Won—an athlete.

Go Ara further explained, “I practiced so that it would come off fluently. I had to get my pose inspected by the director if it was natural enough. We even spent time sharing stories while I smoked a cessation cigarette while the director smoked a real one.”

In the meanwhile Kim Myung Min, Ahn Sung Ki, and Go Ara star in the film “Pace Maker” and will be released in theaters on January 19.