Heechul Goes Out for Dinner with Unknown Man

2012-01-10 16:30:56 2012-01-10 08:30:57

Although he’s busy serving the Korean military, Super Junior’s Heechul has been able to regularly update us with his whereabouts lately. On January 10, the “Hee-Nim” shared another photo of himself enjoying dinner with an unknown man at what looks to be a fancy restaurant.

The tweet Heechul shared said, “The first 2012 date with Heechul (@Il Cipriani)~Heechul, although he’s happy inside, is complaining that two guys came to a nice restaurant lol.”

In the photo, Heechul is seen holding a piece of bread close to his mouth, wearing a casual hoodie and hat. Il Cipriani is an upscale restaurant located in the posh Apku/Chungdam area in Seoul, making us wonder what the occasion was for the special dinner.

Heechul enlisted in Korean army last September. After completion of his month-long boot camp training period, Heechul was assigned to a local district office to work as a public service personnel. Anyways, it’s seems safe to say Heechul’s getting though his military service well!