Monster and JYP’s Love-Child Headphones: Diamond Tears

2012-01-11 00:47:26 2012-01-10 16:47:27

Monster’s collaboration with Dr. Dre for the “Beats by Dre” headphones were highly successful. It was revealed on December 2010 that Monster and JYP had worked together to create a new line of headphones called “Diamond Tears.”

The headphones will be released in the first quarter of 2012. The price of the headphones is a whopping $279.95. A “in-ear version” will be released in the later half of 2012.

The headphones have the same audio engineering that makes the beats line popular but it has a jewelry design that is flashy. In January 2011, as a part of JYP Entertainment and Monster’s alliance, the Wonder Girls had performed for the annual Monster Retailer Awards and Concert.

Here is a video clip of the Wonder Girls performing “Nobody” at the annual Monster Retailer Awards and Concert:

 Source: CNET + Monster