SBS MTV to Launch New Music Show “Music Island”

2012-01-11 14:24:25 2012-01-11 06:24:25

Our sources from SBS MTV have informed us that they will launch a new music show titled “Music Island” in late-February!

This new “live music concert” will follow a different concept from the regular weekly music shows. Featuring different K-Pop artists as the main guest every week, “Music Island” will be comprised of several live performances by the main guest as well other musicians who will guest-appear. The guest list is expected to range from fellow K-Pop musicians to foreign artists, as well as rookie singers.

The first season of the show is scheduled for six months. Depending on its success, SBS MTV will extend it for another season. At this point, we can’t announce the show’s main host or the guest musician list, but you can expect to see some of the industry’s top artists!

Taking place in the beautiful island of Jeju, “Music Island” also aims to promote Korea’s tourism industry. The show’s venue, “International Convention Center Jeju,” is the country’s only resort-type convention center, boasting some of the largest and most advanced concert facilities.

With good music and beautiful scenery, “Music Island” is sure to deliver a music show you will never want to miss! You can find out more about the show here! Stay tuned!