SNSD’s YoonA and IU Resembles…

2012-01-13 07:11:30 2014-05-09 03:13:23

Recently, several photos of SNSD’s YoonA and IU, titled “Time Travelers YoonA and IU,” have been spreading like wildfire across various internet community sites. The photos were of veteran actresses who shared a striking resemblance to YoonA and IU.

IU’s doppelganger is veteran actress named Yeom Bok Soon, who starred in “Yeong Myung’s Golden Age” in 1975. They share similar features, hairstyles, and aura. YoonA, on the other hand, is getting noticed for her resemblance to famous Chinese actress Miao Kexiu. Both have big, round eyes and wavy hair. Additionally, the two are known for their innocent images that appeal to both male and female fans.

Netizens commented, “Doppelgangers? They look so alike,” “They have similar images and aura rather than appearance,” and “They’re both so pretty.”