Tired Looking YoonA Returns to Korea

2012-01-15 01:22:35 2014-05-06 15:19:05

SNSD returned to Korea on January 13 after finishing up at the “Golden Disk Awards in Osaka.

In the photograph taken at Incheon Airport, YoonA is wearing a mod coat and clutching her cell phone, passport and bag. Her face looks tired and pale and her hair hangs limply around her face. She doesn’t appear to be wearing any make-up. The previous day, SNSD took home their third Golden Disk Award.

Judging from this picture, YoonA needs some rest. SNSD has been busy jetting between Japan and Korea. This past December, SNSD released a Japanese version of “The Boys” and even appeared on New Year’s Eve programming in Japan and Korea.

Netizens who saw the picture commented that even tired YoonA looks beautiful and “YoonA, Fighting!”

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