Learn MBLAQ’s Choreography for “This is War”

2012-01-18 17:36:47 2012-01-18 09:36:47

On January 18, MBLAQ released the dance training video for their latest single, “This is War.” The video filmed on January 2 shows detailed movements of the choreography for MBLAQ’s latest single from their 4th mini album, “100%Ver.”

“100%Ver” comes with five tracks, including “It’s War,” “Run,” “Scribble,” “Crazy Girl,” and “Hello My Ex.” The title track, “This is War,” is a song about the anger you feel after losing a lover to your best friend. It’s a soft hip hop track with the sound of a 50-person orchestra in the background.

If you are a hardcore dancer, or want to do a cover of MBLAQ’s “This is War,” make sure you study this clip in detail! Enjoy the video!