Chinese Media Reports that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s Relationship Was a Publicity Stunt

2012-01-26 03:20:09 2012-01-25 19:20:10

Yesterday, Min-Min fans all over the world were saddened to hear that “City Hunter” co-stars Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young broke-up. Both of the management agencies confirmed the split, citing busy schedules. However, as China’s Jiangxi TV reported news about the break-up yesterday, it also reported that the two had never been a real couple and that the relationship was simply a publicity stunt.

Jiangxi TV announced that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young deliberately revealed their relationship after the drama ended, stirring up media and fan attention. It also stated that Korean celebrities are controlled by their respective management agencies, who purposely leak scandals to stimulate interest.

Even on various Chinese social network sites like Weibo, netizens comments ranged from “I’m sorry to hear they broke up” to “Knew it was fake,” and “Their show has finally come to an end.”

This isn’t the first time a Chinese media reported that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s relationship was fabricated. Another Chinese news ranked Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young as fifth on the “Top 10 Fabricated Scandals of 2011” on December 30, 2011.