MBLAQ Lee Joon’s Guns Not Impressive Enough for Babies

2012-01-26 17:16:10 2012-01-26 09:16:11

On the January 26 episode of KBS JOY’s “MBLAQ’s Hello Baby,” Lee Joon showed off his guns to impress little babies. In one of the scenes, the group visits a Korean spa to play with Dayoung and Lauren, who are being parented by MBLAQ in the show.

The two kids, however, only pay attention to G.O. and Dayoung gets upset about it. To relieve her anger, Lee Joon shows up wearing a wifebeater to flex his muscles and entertain Dayoung. However, even with the muscle flexing, Lee Joon fails to impress any of the kids or the MBLAQ members, so he goes on to show it off to the viewers instead.

Meanwhile, MBLAQ won “Song of the Week” on this week’s Mnet “M! Countdown!” You can see their performance here.