Wonder Girls’ Sohee Turns into Minnie Mouse for “Oh Boy!” Magazine

2012-01-31 19:05:36 2012-01-31 11:05:36

On January 30, Oh Boy! Magazine released a special photo spread of Wonder Girls’ Sohee. On the cover photo of the magazine’s February issue, Sohee is wearing a pink tank top and shorts, with a Minnie Mouse headband, while giving out a blank expression that so many male fans have fallen for.

Oh Boy! Magazine is a monthly magazine that covers contemporary culture, environmental issues, and animal rights. That explains why the cover says this month’s special feature is titled “Animal Contents.”

Netizens who saw the photo shoot commented, “I love Sohee’s honey thighs,” “The concept is very dreamy,” and “I thought she was naked.”

Enjoy the photos below!