[Exclusive] IU, T-ara, Davichi, Dal Shabet, Brian Joo, and Teen Top Send Video Messages for “Music Island”

2012-02-01 07:51:19 2012-01-31 23:51:19

To celebrate the launch of SBS MTV’s new live music show, “Music Island,” some the top K-Pop artists have sent us special video messages! You can check out the message from IU, T-ara, Davichi, Brian Joo, and Teen Top in the following videos.

So far, IU, MBLAQ, Jung Yeop, Rainbow, Block B, B.A.P. and Sunny Hill have been confirmed to perform on the first couple episodes of “Music Island.” The show’s main MC will be SNSD’s Sunny, who will be hosting her own show for the first time. The guest artist list will change every week.

SBS MTV’s “Music Island” is a live music show that will feature both live performances and talk sessions with some of the hottest musicians in the industry. Each week, it will have one main guest, who will run the majority of the show, with several guest artists performing in support of the main artist. The first episode will air on February 24. You can learn more about the show here!

Enjoy the videos below!


Davichi & T-ara


IU & Dal Shabet


Brian Joo & Teen Top