DBSK’s Yunho Answers Questions about Girlfriend

2012-02-02 12:52:32 2012-02-02 04:52:32

On February 1, DBSK’s Yunho appeared on SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment” and answered questions regarding his girlfriend.

He was first asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?” But he responded, “No, I really don’t.” The show followed by asking, “When do you feel like you need a girlfriend the most?” and his answer was, “Personally, when I’m sick. It gets really sad when I’m sick. That’s when I feel like I need the comfort of my girlfriend.”

Yunho also mentioned his future plans with acting, as he said, “I have strong desire for acting, too.” Asked to name an actor or actress he most wants to act with, Yunho said, “Not just because he’s here, but it’s Jang Hyuk.” That brought laughter to the female guests on set, especially Lee Min Jung who was expecting him to mention her name.

“Lee Min Jung is also an actress I’d like to act with some day and I’m a big fan of her,” Yunho said. But it was already late to appease the disappointed actress as she said, “It’s too late!”