Kim Yu Na Receives Service Award at the 17th Coca Cola Sports Awards

2012-02-02 23:19:18 2014-05-06 17:22:20

Kim Yu Na was a part of the “17th Coca Cola Sports Awards,” (The direct translation of the word Sports was physical activity) where she received the “service” or “meritorious deed” award. She gave her thoughts on receiving the award at the awards event.

The “Coca Cola Sports Awards” is an amateur sports awards created in 1995 in order to improve sports in Korea and also find and train new talent.

Kim Yu Na received the award because of her service to the advancement of sports in South Korea through receiving a gold medal during the Vancouver Winter Olympics and also playing a big part in the allocation of the Pyeong Chang Olympics.

Also, on this day the girl group A Pink made an appearance to do a celebratory performance.