Wonder Girls Play Hide-and-Seek in Second BTS Video for “The Wonder Girls” Movie

2012-02-02 15:00:36 2012-02-02 07:00:37

Just a day after releasing the first BTS video for “The Wonder Girls” movie, the Wonder Girls shared the second episode of their BTS series. In the second video, you get to see brief interviews by the co-stars School Gyrls and their main choreographer. There’s also a funny scene where Ye Eun teaches the Korean term, “Ppali,” which means “Hurry,” to the staff members.

You also get to see a short clip of Park Jin Young, the founder and head of JYP Entertainment, display his significantly improving acting skills as he plays hide-and-seek with the Wonder Girls. His lines read, “Yo, have you seen five Asian girls pass here? Where did they go?”

“The Wonder Girls” will premiere on Teen Nick on February 2 at 8PM EST.

Enjoy the video below!