Hyori Outraged over Korean Media’s False Reporting

2012-02-03 16:16:38 2012-02-03 08:16:38

On February 3, Lee Hyori left a long message on her fan café after MBC falsely reported on her most frequently visited spots.

She wrote, “I wasn’t aware of most of the places they mentioned. First of all, the production team made the show without any prior consent from us, and I think that’s where the confusion began. I think I have to at least be able to know the name or owner of the store to call it a ‘frequent spot.’”

“The kimbap they mentioned was bought by my close acquaintance once, and the brunch restaurant said they never really saw me. The accessory store is frequented by my stylist, while the chitterlings restaurant saw me over a year ago. The dermatologist, as reported previously, is close with me so I visit every once in a while,” she said.

“Of course, from the shops’ perspective, they would want to advertise themselves as celebrity frequent spots to better promote their shop. I don’t necessarily think that’s bad. It’s actually quite flattering to be treated well,” she continued.

“But I think the press needs to change its way of exaggerating or falsely reporting to make the general public believe it, since celebrities feel very uncomfortable to see their names used without prior consent,” she concluded.

Earlier today, Lee Hyori expressed her discomfort over MBC Every1’s “Daebak Code 777,” after it aired a segment introducing her most frequently visited spots. She tweeted, “My frequent spot?? Except for the jewelry shop, I haven’t heard of any of them. Let’s not allure innocent people with these stuff.”

However, MBC denied her claim, saying, “We did receive prior consent from Lee Hyori’s side before the show and even changed certain parts of the program after reviewing it together. We never produce shows without clear evidence. We’re absolutely sure these shops were visited by Lee Hyori, but she could have felt uncomfortable with the use of the word ‘frequent spots.’ We’ll look more into it.”

In fact, Lee Hyori initially tweeted, “I never heard about tangleweed kimbap. I went to the chitterling restaurant over a year ago, and the gallery brunch place is somewhere I would like to where it is. And please give me the number to the dermatologist that’s supposed to bring back your baby skin~why do they lie about this stuff? Do they get paid?”

But 30 minutes later, she took a step back, saying, “I contacted my people and found out the dermatologist is in fact a place I do frequently visit. Sorry, but why is my skin so old.”