“Dream High 2” Criticized for Broadcasting Error

2012-02-06 17:54:15 2012-02-06 09:54:16

On February 6, KBS drama “Dream High 2” experienced a brief broadcasting error during its third episode. The mishap occurred around 11PM KST near the end of the episode, when JB and Siwoo exchanged a heated conversation at the hospital.

During their dialogue, the screen started to crack, making the sound to break as well. Moments later, unknown dots covered the screen for a moment, and viewers started to question whether their TV set box was the problem. The error happened sporadically in a span of about a minute during the whole JB-Siwoo scene, angering some viewers for the production team’s lack of professionalism. The viewers argued since it’s not a live broadcast, the production team should have had ample time to go over their transmission channels and prevent the incident from happening.

Netizens commented, “Was that a broadcasting error?” “The whole country’s watching, they should have been more careful,” and “Only their third episode and this already happens?”

You can see the screen break around the 6:30 mark in the video below. The error continues to happen for about a minute.