SBS “K-Pop Star” Sets First Live Show Date Featuring Idol Stars

2012-02-06 14:35:15 2012-02-06 06:35:16

The popular SBS audition show, “K-Pop Star,” has set the date for its first live stage. Since its first episode on December 4, SBS “K-Pop Star” has only aired pre-recorded shows for nearly two months. The first live episode will air on March 4.

“The first live show will air on March 4. We haven’t decided on the exact details. We held our first meeting on February 6 to over the details,” SBS told OSEN.

It continued, “What sets apart ‘K-Pop Star’ from other audition shows is the fact that SM-JYP-YG Entertainment artists can actually hold a joint performance with the contestants. But the idol stars’ appearance will not have any influence on the overall evaluation of contestants. It will just be part of the show.”

“K-Pop Star” features three representatives from the “Big Three” agencies in Korea. BoA represents SM Entertainment, while JYPE and YGE is represented by their respective founder and chairman, Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Suk.

The final winner of “K-Pop Star” will earn 300 million won (approximately $300,000 USD) in prize money, with a chance to publish a global debut album. You can see the videos of the performances here

Check out one of the best performances we’ve seen on the show by Park Ji Min below!