“Dream High 2” Reveals BTS Photos

2012-02-13 15:04:59 2012-02-13 07:04:59

KBS drama “Dream High 2” released behind-the-scene photos of their drama set. In the photos, you get to see candid moments of the cast, showing the close friendship of one another.

In the first photo, JB and Rian are sitting next to each other, going over their script. Although they are no longer together on the show, it seems like they’re still close friends off the camera. It explains why viewers voted them #1 couple they want to see reunite in a recent poll.


The next two photos were taken outside in the freezing cold weather. Kim Ji Soo takes off his jacket for Hyo Rin, following their duet stage together. But Hyorin takes the jacket over to her HERshe member, Ailee, as they heat up together.

The last photo shows two of the show’s best dancers, JB and Uibong, practice their dance moves, despite being off the camera. Even if they’re supposed to take a break, the young actors show their passion and enthusiasm through these snapshots.

This week’s “Dream High 2” will announce the final winners of the monthly evaluations. The one’s who can’t make the final cut will be sent to the Marines.