Go Soo and His Fiancée to Tie the Knot Tonight

2012-02-17 09:11:36 2014-05-06 04:10:01

Actor Go Soo will finally tie the knot with his fiancée Kim Hye Yeon today, February 17, at 6:30PM KST at the Shilla Hotel. Earlier this year, Go Soo announced his engagement to his non-celeb girlfriend 11 years his junior.

At the press conference today, Go Soo met with reporters donning his tuxedo, bowtie, and large smile. He stated, “I’m feeling great. I thank everyone for showing so much interest on this happy day.” When asked how the groom and bride developed their romantic feelings for each other, Go Soo bashfully replied, “I want to cherish that memory between the two of us for now. If I get another opportunity to share next time, I will do so.”

When asked when he started thinking of marriage, he answered, “Since the first time I met her. We had a period where we were very careful with each other. We started thinking about the future about a year and a half ago. “ He also revealed that he proposed to his fiancée on the 365th day of their relationship.

Regarding their big age difference, Go Soo stated, “I just have a little more worldly experience that her, but it does not affect in our lives. We communicate well with each other when making decisions. We would talk with each other and exchange opinions before making any decisions.”

Go Soo’s fiancée is 23-year-old Kim Hye Yeon, an art student majoring in sculpture. The happy couple met in 2010 through a mutual acquaintance, and their friendly relationship blossomed into a romantic one.