Uee to Focus Completely on After School Now

2012-02-20 16:37:54 2012-02-20 08:37:55

Uee revealed her future plans now that the drama “Ojakgyo Brothers” is over.

It appears that Uee will focus on her After School activities as a singer. After School will release their Japanese album “PLAYGIRLZ” on March 7. Then, their Japanese tour will begin which is titled “AFTER School First Japan Tour – 2012 PLAYGIRLZ” which will begin in April.

Currently it is known that Uee is receiving a lot of offers to appear in dramas and commercials. However, she stated, “I want to meet fans that are waiting for After School’s Uee. I want to introduce After School on ‘Music Bank’ where I am currently an MC. I also want to go back on stage. We will have our first exclusive tour concert in Japan and I want to do a good performance.”