Is Go Soo’s Wife Pregnant?

2012-02-25 15:28:25 2014-05-05 16:49:26

On February 17, actor Go Soo got married to the 23-year old Kim Hye Yeon, who is 11 years younger than him. They started dating in 2009 after meeting each other via friends.

Recently, a picture of the happy couple was uploaded on several online community websites and this picture has gathered much attention from netizens.

In this picture, the couple is preparing to leave for their honeymoon, but the netizens were mostly interested in the figure of the new bride. According to the netizens, the belly of Kim Hye Yeon is a bit swollen and they are wondering if she might be pregnant or maybe her belly looks swollen because she is wearing tight clothing.

Some netizens are leaning towards the idea that she is pregnant by commenting, “It looks like she is pregnant. I think that she is at least five months pregnant” and “We will know when we hear the announcement of their new baby.” On the other hand, some netizens think that the picture is too unclear to decide whether she is pregnant or not. They commented, “I think it is her clothing that might be too tight” and “let us not judge before we see a picture of her side.”

An official representative stated that, “We are not confirming that she is pregnant. It was a very cold day and she was wearing many layers. It could be the outfit that makes her belly more swollen than usual.”

What do you think? Are the netizens overreacting?