IU Apologizes for Mistake on SBS Inkigayo

2012-02-27 00:26:21 2014-05-07 17:50:27

IU wrote an apology for her mistake on SBS Inkigayo. (IU had made a mistake on SBS Inkigayo when announcing the Mutizen Song Winner.)

On February 26 she wrote on her me2day, “Viewers of Inkigayo, FT Island seniors, Se7en senior I am so sorry. From now on I will always be cautious and stay focused. I am sorry. I am sorry.”

On the show she was supposed to announce that the Mutizen song winner was FT Island, instead she said “Congratulations Se7en.” This mistake was quickly corrected by Kara’s Goo Hara who is also an MC.

Netizens that came across the post stated, “Everyone makes mistakes,” “IU Fighitng,” “It is important to get over these things,” and “Let us not do that in the future.”

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki wrote on her twitter, “Thank you for the #1 on Inkigayo. I really love the Prima Donna. Also you stupid people don’t give IU a hard time for her mistake. I have also made many mistakes. You stupid people, are good people right?”