SBS Inkigayo 03.04.12

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miss A takes the win today on Inkigayo! Congratulations to them for their comeback. Earlier this week they had also won on M! Countdown.  

With Kara‘s Nicole and Hara not available this week, miss A’s Suzy and MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon joined IU to host the show today.

Comeback performances today were by Park Jiyoon and Tony & Smash. A teaser for Big Bang‘s comeback performance next week on the show was also played.

Take 7
Ailee – Heaven
K.Will – I Need You
Davichi – I’ll Think of You
Teen Top – Crazy
FT Island – Severely
miss A – Touch
Se7en – When I Can’t Sing
Comeback Specials
Park Jiyoon – Tree of Life
Tony & Smash – Get Your Swag On
Hot Music
TAKE HYUN – Stand By Me
EXID – Whoz That Girl
LEDapple – Time Is Up
SPICA – Russian Roulette
Brian Joo – Let This Die
Fresh Music
Jiggy Dog – Everything’s Empty
Jay Park – Know Your Name
B.A.P – Secret Love


miss A

FT Island


Teen Top




Tony and smash

Park Jiyoon

Brian Joo



LED Apple

Jay Park

Tony & Smash


Jiggy Dog

Take Hyun

Tony & Smash Interview

Big Bang Comeback teaser

FT Island extra

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